Common Threadz launch limited edition, mysterious, multi faceated Psychalegging!!

by Caitlin


Common Threadz is my one woman design freak show based in the heart of Bristol, and today sees the launch of a limited edition collection of narrative leggings with a psychadelic twist.

The limited edition designs are inspired by Greek and Celtic myths and fables. The captivating and vibrant prints are sure to put a twist into your trip. Stretching gussets and minds one step at a time, there are only 50 of each design available, so get yours quick!

 The collection includes; The Mariners Rhyme, Aubergine Dream, Queen of Hera n’ now and Mount Olympia. The full collection can be seen at the Common Threadz online shop. If you happen to be in Bristol, you can get them at the Common Threadz rolling stone market stall, popping up all over Bristol, full listing here.

 Not only fascinating and eye catching, Common Threadz is ethical and bling; designing, printing and making all garments in the UK. This helps ensure that all materials are sustainable and workers are paid a fair wage for their skill.

Leggings will be available from the 2nd December, watch this space for promo offers!