Walking into the distance

by Caitlin

New year, a New you, a New me. Well perhaps not, but a short window is allowed by the UK at large to stop and ask. What do I want to do now? 2013 what the hell was that? Where did it go?


It started intensely, with a major input into the IFWAP research project, while working part time at Oxfam. The project culminated with a launch of the project at Parliament, where I managed to secure myself some time on a parliamentary soap box. Oh la de da da da da! I then went full time with Oxfam, which secured a consistent work routine and stable income. Projects and professional work have been good, but I’ve been ithcing for independence and more creative and politically radical exercise.So come 2014 I shall be leaving Oxfam in the form of redundancy and going onto develop a variety of This is Rubbish projects and produce my own community art project exploring the role of story telling applied to interactive garments, seeking to explore social relationships with sanctuary in the Natural World.I am particularly interested in uniting story telling with social research, collating other peoples stories of sanctuary and place. The aim is to shine a light on the values held by different groups, in relation to the natural world and wilderness. Food as a lens for economic and ecological justice continues to fascinate and I will be looking through the hatch of This is Rubbish to foster and develop the conversation between political activism and sustainable food systems. Changing the way food is produced, traded and distributed is part of a community and collective conversation and a stand against dominant economic forces. Bring on the challenge 2014!With all these multifarious links and interests, a list of hopeful resolutions seems to be a reassuring thought receptacle.

1. Be more free

2. Follow vivid dreams for no more reason than they bring resonant joy if not money

3. Stay political. The current state of economics and workers rights is dissapointing. Collaborate with groups calling for 3 day week and living wage.

4. Connect with nature. I don’t want a 7 day staring contest with a screen. I want dirt under my nails and the wind in my eyes.

5. Get a horse.

6. Make Art; it is a platform for political discussion and a space for investigative thought. Keep making it, keep asking questions, look for artists who inspire me

7. Dance and sing.

8. Stay close to loved ones. Uphold bonds with people who share a combined history, interest respect and love for one another.

9. Learn more; read slowly, take notes, reflect, cement and collect the wide wonders of the world.

10. Love. It is the best thing we can do. People, place, ideas, objects, memories, moments, nature, the world!