Sanctuary at Green Man Festival

by Caitlin


The Sanctuary cabin stood alone on a small hill, set between a cluster of large and towering trees, which also created an intense wind tunnel. Located in the Nature Nuture area, we overlooked the beautiful landscape and the South Walian hills.


By Friday afternoon all slots were fully booked, with groups and individuals signing up the intimate listening experience for four people at a time. There was also a waiting list.


Sanctuary seems to attract a varying audience. This time we had a poet, some families, a MET office scientist, a group of very stoned teenage boys, a sound engineer and many more. It bought tenderness, emotion and tears to the people that passed through, and ultimately was a moving experience for all.



A space that is still, a space for listening, and intimate space. Where you will listen to yourself and others. Part social documentary part pyschadelic journey into the unknown, come and see us at our last two tour dates; Smugglers Festival and Festival No 6.