Caitlin Magda Shepherd

"Art belongs not to the active life but to the contemplative life—not to the vita activa but to the vita contemplativa." Nicholas Wolterstorff

Month: September, 2014

Sanctuary @ Festival No6


For the final tour date, the Sanctuary crew rocked up to the phantasmagoric and down right ethereal Festival No6. The cabin was installed in the magical woodland, alongside a rather spectacular tree.

Beneath the trees

Beneath the trees

All slots Friday, Saturday and Sunday were fully booked, with people exiting looking bemeused, moved, and sometimes quite tripped out. It was a great location, and I really felt that the cabin belonged in the woods more than anywhere else. The muffled murkiness of woodland, broken light and continuous discoveries, suited the tone of the sound experience, and also seemed to conjor curiosity amongst arriving audiences. The only other place I really want to site the cabin is on the edge of a shoreline, so when the tides come in, the water passes beneath the cabin. This will require quite a different design I think.




Shelter in the valley


One geological groove

Cut through the

Peat bog pennine

tumultuous moods

A holding bay of youth

Crass ciggy smoking vultures

Emerging from the valley


Holed up in Yorkshire

Grit stone terraces

Up on the higher


The refined smooth

Surfaces of stand alone

Farmhouses line the horizon

The angular lines

sing the self important tones

Of the middle class denizens

Resting amongst their

100% Egyptian cotton

chill out zones

One valley

Two hills

A motley of working class


And middle class migrant



A wedding sounds the alarm

Traditional marks made

In the binds of time

Union demanding witnesses

A white startch ceremonious


To be unravelled in public view

Tender bells

Lonely tones

Cascading down the steeps

A society illuminated

Dressed to the nines,

Full trimmings and morning coat

Look! So succinct, Devastatingly neat

The thick air is close

With midges massacring

Ankles, arms and shins

Two worlds stitched close

The bride and groom

Two worlds stitched close

United by costumes

Swirling to popular music

A benign complacency

Keeping the rough smooth

Watch us, watch us, watch them

Marriage and union

How the classes move.


Rigging Rocks my world

Women at work

Women at work

Rigging. The most unexpected love of this summer. Sanctuary is about collecting other people’s stories about sanctuary in the natural world. About giving marginalised social groups space to tell their stories, to share their voice. About listening to and with others, and about sound scaping. It is also very much about rigging scaffolding!

Up she goes

Up she goes

As a woman, and a team of fellow females interested in building things it has been a really empowering experience. Most of the build crews on festival sites and at public events are male dominated, and men frequently comment and are suprised to find a group of women charged with putting up and taking down the industrial sanctuary cabin. I feel very excited by my introduction to large scale mechano, and am inspired to do more hands on practical stuff in the space considered more or less to be a mans world. A big thank you goes out to all the peeps who have helped with the journey of Sanctuary so far.


First build

First build

Closing the Minges

Closing the Minges