Sanctuary @ Festival No6

by Caitlin


For the final tour date, the Sanctuary crew rocked up to the phantasmagoric and down right ethereal Festival No6. The cabin was installed in the magical woodland, alongside a rather spectacular tree.

Beneath the trees

Beneath the trees

All slots Friday, Saturday and Sunday were fully booked, with people exiting looking bemeused, moved, and sometimes quite tripped out. It was a great location, and I really felt that the cabin belonged in the woods more than anywhere else. The muffled murkiness of woodland, broken light and continuous discoveries, suited the tone of the sound experience, and also seemed to conjor curiosity amongst arriving audiences. The only other place I really want to site the cabin is on the edge of a shoreline, so when the tides come in, the water passes beneath the cabin. This will require quite a different design I think.