Tomorrow is promised to no one

by Caitlin

Pina - cafe muller - c J Paulo Pimenta

A camera shoots in two directions. Forwards and backwards, merging both pictures so that the ‘back’ dissolves in the ‘front’, it allows the photographer at the very moment of shooting to be in front with the subjects, rather than separated from them. Through the viewfinder the viewer can step out of his shell to be ‘on the other side’ of the world, and thereby remember better, understand better, see better, hear better, and love more deeply.


And alas, despise more deeply, too. The evil eye after all, exists as well.


Taken from Wim Wenders’s Once.

During my time here in America, I will be using the lens, the act of looking as an editing process on the world around me, the stories of others and of my own selections, or stories. As part of my work at Santa Fe Arts Institutes, I am interested in continuing my journey with Sound documentation, but also with the integration of image to sound. I’m particularly interested in what Wender’s describes as ‘Once upon a time” or the capturing of a new moment, a new story, another vein and most importantly perhaps, merging the perception and perspective of both photographer and subject; be it landscape or portrait.