Last night an artist saved my life

by Caitlin

Here are a Five artists who are of interest to me at the moment. All of the encompass a degree of social realism, surrealism and striking imagery that explores human relationship with place and people. Specifically my work is concerned with exploring how best to document the stories and experiences of other people. Particularly marginalised social groups, and explore how to give voice to socio – economic inequity, while critiquing the art wold fixation with ‘making it’. Which basically translates to wanting to be rich and famous. Social realism is the term most generally I would use to describe the way my work is developing at the moment, realised through the medium of sound documentary. I’m particularly interested in bearing awkward social and individual truths, stories that are uncomfortable, and that perhaps a more prividlidged audience might find ‘tiresome’ to endure. At the moment, I’m toying more and more with using my own body and voice as a medium to communicate my ideas; but in an anonymous / alter ego type way. I’m not interested in becoming any sort of art celebrity and infact, quite enjoy the prospect of ridiculing such eternally repatitous fixations with fame and power.

jane and Louise Wilson

Stasi City (Pater Noster) 1997

Jane and Louise Wilson
Stasi City (Pater Noster)
C-print on aluminum
71 x 71 inches

Richard Billingham


Working Class Life; parents

Kai Kaljo

Ragnar Kjartansson

Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques