Sanctuary at the Edwardian Cloakrooms 4 – 12 September 2015

“For a knowledge of intimacy, localization in the spaces of our intimacy is more urgent than determination of dates.”
Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space


In an abandoned building, full of other people’s histories, you are invited to listen to a wireless intimate sound-scape. Part social documentary, part poetry, part psychedelic music scape, Sanctuary charts the stories of four people exploring their own relationships with the concept and experience of Sanctuary.

Managed by Bristol Creative Spaces, Sanctuary was selected from a round of applications to be exhibited in the beautiful disused toilets. Charming and full of nostalgia, for a time concerned with public convenience, the space has Black and White chequerboard floors, White ceramic walls, and a bloom of Green tendrils, bursting from the atrium.

A perfect space for quiet reflection and sonic immersion, audiences are transported to memory, to wondering about their own sanctuary and wellbeing, while listening to the voices of others.

Listening to Sanctuary

Listening to Sanctuary

As I sit in the space, I am prompted to think about the forgotten or underused spaces within the city. I am particularly interested in public space, and the presence or lack of the commons, the agora, the forum and the public toilets. I intend to situate my work only within public space, and to link stories of human experience to site of human interaction, function, leisure, pleasure and work. I am not concerned with identifying my practice with a set gallery intent on commercialising my work, nor am I concerned with the hyper popularity vote that often swirls around successful artists. I think that by seeking to site my work in public space, inserted within the drawl and jewels of the everyday, that somehow I enter in to a spatial discourse that is more user friendly, more familiar, more part of the fabric of everyday life. And so, I should start to map out the hidden spaces of Bristol for future sites of installations.

Sanctuary is funded by the Arts Council and Grow Wild.

It is part of Bristol Open Doors Day. 

The Edwardian Cloakrooms